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Updated Wednesday February 28, 2018 by Trenton Baseball and Softball Association.

2018 Registraiton Information  

Trenton Baseball and Softball use the same age cut off dates as USSSA baseball and Softball. (We do not use Little League age determination dates) 

Baseball Age cutoff date is April 30th of the current year. (Your age on May 1st is your age for the season)

Softball cutoff date is Jan 1st of the current year.  

Use the below link to find your competition age for the 2017-2018 season

Tee Ball: Boys and Girls 5-1-2011 to 4-30-2013 Fee $50.00  

8u Baseball: 5-1-2009 to 4-30-2011 Fee $100.00 (Late fees after March 10th)   
10u Baseball: 5-1-2007 to 4-30-2009 Fee $120.00 (Late fees after March 10th)  
12u Baseball: 5-1-2005 to 4-30-2007 Fee $120.00 (Late fees after March 10th) 
14u Baseball: 5-1-2003 to 4-30-2005 Fee $120.00 (No Late Fee)  

High School House: 5-1-1999 to 4-30-2003 fee $120.00 (No Late fee) WAIT LIST UNTIL WE GET 12 PLAYERS
All Travel Baseball Fee $150.00 (Players were selected at 2017 August 
Tryouts) (Late Fees after March 10th)  
Softball cutoff date is Jan 1st of the current year.  
8u Softball 1-1-2009 to 12-31-2010 Fee $100 (Late fee after March 10th)   

10u Softball 1-1-2007 to 12-31-2008 Fee $120.00 Late Fee After March 10th) 

12u Softball 1-1-2005 to 12-31-2006 Fee $120.00 (Late Fee after March 10th)   

14u Softball 1-1-2003 to 12-31-2004 Fee $120.00  

16u Softball 1-1-2001 to 12-31-2002 Fee $120.00 Auto wait list 

All Travel Softball $150.00. Players selected at 2017 Tryouts outs.  
(Late fees after March 10th) 

Discounts of $20.00 off for each registration after your first child. 

Discounts do not apply to camps and clinics.  Discounts apply during the check out process

No discounts for Late registrations. 

The Trenton Baseball and Softball Association will have the following Refund policy.  

A Refund will not be granted after April 30th of each season and only for house programs. Tee Ball refund date will be May 30th. 
No refunds for Camps or Travel programs (each request will be reviewed by the board)     

After April 30th /Refunds will only be considered for extreme circumstances.  (Serious medical conditions and board approval)

Thank You 

Trenton Baseball and Softball 

Coach Background Check 2017

Background checks are good for 2 years,
This session is for 2017 and 2018 coaches. If you took the check for 2017 you do not have to take it again.