Buzz Calendar information

Updated Tuesday April 30, 2019 by Richard Tanguay.

Buzz Calendar information 

Buzz Calendar Pick up and distribution for 2019
Pick up will start on Wedensday May 1st-Saturday May 4th.  (Ice rink Lobby) 
Calendars will be located in the small room on the first floor just past the concession area.  Your map and your boxes are marked. 
Delivery of the Buzz Calendars: Delievery should be completed by Monday May 6th  

 Coaches have  been assigned a zone by our league adminstators.  If you have any questions contact

Rick Tanguay or Mike Louria or 

Map and Zone Age Group Name
Map 1 A (395) 10u Boys Brazill
Map 1 B (295) 10u Boys Warlick
Map 2 A (214) 8u Boys Vallimont
Map 2 B (250) 8u Girls Atcheson
Map 3 (230) 12u Blast Boler
Map 4 (305) 12u Travel Totten
Map 1 A (245) 16u Travel Grocki
Map 1 B (352) 10u Boys Bembnister
Map 2 A (525) 8 Boys Babyak
Map 2 B (384) 8u Girls Schultz/Leavall
Map 3 376 8u boys Ptasinski
Map 4 (202) 10u Boys Frost
Map 1 (211) 8u girls Kowalczk,Joe
Map 2 (349) 11u Travel Wright
Map 3 (256) 10u Blast Bettendorf
Map 4 (249) 10u Blast Bettendorf
Map 5 A 240 14u Boys Bewick
Map 5 B (251) 8u boys Brooks
Map 6 (295) 12u Boys StAmour
Taylor School    
Map 1 Zone A (269) 8u girls Trombley
Map 1 Zone B 280 13u Travelers Hawkins
Rolling Ridge/Wilson St 12u Girls Holder
Map 2 250 14u Blast Tanguay
Map 3 150 13u Blast Emery/legut
Northend (303) 12u Boys Louria
Superior (137) 10u Boys Louria
Teifer Sub (323) 8u Boys Mcnamee