Frequently asked questions

UpdatedWednesday January 8, 2020 byRichard Tanguay.

Trenton Baseball and Softball Frequently Asked




1.     When and where will my child play?





Tee Ball

Friday Evenings

5pm or 645pm

Lions park

8U Baseball (Starts the week of May 11th 2020

Tue. & Thu.

5:00 or 6:45 PM

Lions Park

10U Baseball

Starts the week of May 18th 2020

Mon. & Wed.

5:00 or 6:45 PM

Trenton, Wyandotte, Grosse Ile Woodhaven, Riverview Rockwood/South Rockwood

12U Baseball (Starts the week of May 25th 2020)

Tue. & Thu.

5:00 or 6:45 PM

Same as above

14U Baseball (Starts May 25th or June 1st

Mon. & Wed.

6:45 PM

Same as above

18U Baseball (Starts June 8th)

Mon. & Wed.

6:45 PM

Same as above

8U Softball (Starts May 18th)

Mon. & Wed.

6:30 PM

Tefend, Arthurs Middle school, Lions Park

10U Softball (Stats May 18th)

Tue. & Thu.

6:30 PM

Same as above

12U Softball (Starts May 25th)

Mon. & Wed.

6:30 PM

Same as above

14u Softball (Starts May 25th)

Tues. & Thursday


Same as above



2.     Can my child play up an age division?

The Trenton Baseball and Softball Association strongly encourage players to participate at their correct age division which is set by National Associations.  However, exceptions will be made upon meeting the following criteria:

·         Parent must notify the Association President in writing of decision to move child up an age division.

·         Parent must attend the TBA board meeting in February and formally request the move to a higher age division and provide written documentation from a prior coach of their player’s ability level.

    The board will discuss the move and a decision will be reached.  The parents

     will be notified within the following week of the board meeting of the board’s

     decision.  No child may play down a division. If your child has played two year in a current division the move up will be granted without attending a board meeting. Move up from tee-ball to 8u will also be considered without attending a meeting.


3.     What equipment does the TBA provide for my child?

·         Safe, qualified, dedicated, volunteer coaches

·         Jersey with number

·         Hat (baseball) / visor (softball)

·         Baseball/softball bats for each team

·         Batting helmets are provided, however but players are encouraged to purchase their own.

Pants and/or shorts will not be provided.


4.     When will the first games begin?



Tee Ball  Friday’s  June 5th, June 12th, June 19st, June 26th

July 10th, July 17nd, July 25th. July 31st (if needed)

June 5th

8U Boys 10u Boys

May  11th is Start Week

8u Girls and 10u Girls 

May 11th  is the start week

12u 14U & High School

12u/14u = May 25th  is the start week

High school = June  3rd is the start week



5.     When does the season end?

Tee Ball will end on July 31th at the latest 

8u boys will end in Mid July. Once we know how many teams we have and the schedule is completed

8u girls, Plays in the SEBA league, Playoffs will be up to the coaches in this division at the coaches meeting in May

10u Girls to High School play in the SEBA League and Play off will start the week of July 22nd to July 28th

10u Boys to High School boys play in the SEBA League and Play will start the week of July 22rd to July 28th


6.     How is the Registration Fee allocated?

Trenton Baseball and Softball Association is a non-profit organization.  If you would like to obtain a copy of the Treasurer’s report please attend one of our open meetings on the last Wednesday of each month.  Registration fees are allocated to but not limited to the following:

·         Insurance

·         Umpires

·         Equipment

·         Uniforms

·         Field Grooming

·         Field Repairs

·         Misc. operating costs (Website fees, Credit card processing, Background checks)


7.     When are practices?

Practice schedules are determined by the coaches.  The coaches will schedule practices following the Coaching Meeting and Team Selection Night in mid-April.


8.     By what date should I be contacted by my coach for the new season?

Please be patient and remember our coaches are volunteers.  Coaches will contact the players after the Coaching Meeting and Team Selection Night in mid-April.  If you have not heard from your coach by April 15th (8u-12u Divisons. For 14u and above coaches will contact you by April 30th.Please contact your age division director listed in the web-site with questions. Tee ball coaches will be assigned after May 10th and Coaches will contact you within that week.


9.     What are Travel Teams and All Star Programs?

All star programs are programs that are offered during the  season of house baseball and or softball.  Some age directors will run and all star  tournament at the end of a season.  

Travel programs are teams that are selected after a tryout process.  Coaches for these teams are selected in July and Tryouts for the season are usually held in August prior to the new season.