Photographer information

UpdatedWednesday April 11, 2018 byRichard Tanguay.

Saturday, June 2nd Westfield Center Outside
Outside if good weather - Inside if bad weather at Ice Rink foyer
Trenton Baseball/Softball Photo Schedule
Player should have their bat and mitt if they want it in the photo 
Players should arrive 10 min ahead of photo time. 
Please have envelopes ready at that time.
  Photographer  A Photographer B
Photo Time Team Team
8:30 8UHB Babyak 8UHB Brazill
8:45 8UHB Metzger 8UHB Styles
9:00 8UHB Warlick 10UHB Frost
9:15 10UHB Kowal 10UHB Metzger
9:30 10HB Pautuk 10UHB Wright
9:45 12UHB Louria 12UHB St. Amour
10:00 14UHB Mollett 14UHB Bewick
10:15 T-ball Benedetti T-ball Balloro
10:30 T-Ball Giacomantonio T-Ball Hill
10:45 T-Ball Korndorfer T-Ball Kurylo
11:00 T-Ball Sizemore  
11:15 8USB Andres 8USB Korndorfer
11:30 8USB Kowalczyk 10USB Beaker
11:45 10USB Holder 12USB Banks
  Coaches receive a Free team photo - 
But If you purchase at package of your child that includes a team, 
you can get a photo with your child instead of the team
Please mark your envelope "with coach" and either 8x10, or 2 5x7